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Marta Bayarri is an actress, writer and director resident in Barcelona. She has a long career as an actress in theater, musical theater, film and television. Simultaneously to her work as an actress, since 2010 she has immersed herself into the world of writing and directing. She received training in the field of dramaturgy and script in several International Dramaturgy Workshops, and film skills at the University of Catalonia. In 2014, she founds the production company MOMOTRUP FILMS together with Oriol Ruiz and start telling their own stories. Since April 2017, she comes part of the New Filmmakers Platform (PNR). She is also a member of the "Catalan Cinema Academy " and the Association of Women Filmmakers (CIMA).

Her first short film ONE NIGHT (2014) received more than 50 Selections and 6 Awards, including the Critics Award for Best New Director in the FIBABC 2016 (Ibero-American Short Film Festival ABC). With her second short film, FUGIT (2016), has Miguel A. Faura and David Victori as executive producers. It received more than 65 selections, 8 Awards and achieves the Candidacy for Best Live-Action Short Film at the 32 Spanish Goya Awards in 2018.

VACA (COW) is her third work as a scriptwriter & director and, in this case, also starring. The short film has Miguel A. Faura and Oriol Ruiz as executive producers.

Currently, she has finished the script of her first feature film, HERA, and is in the development phase.

VACA_short film / 2018

     VACA _ With this project, Marta, carries out the adaptation of a theater text, taking the risk of trying new narrative languages different from those she had used in her previous projects, always within an audiovisual framework. To this end, she counts again with the complicity of Oriol Ruiz and Miguel Angel Faura, as well as that of a team of great human and professional quality throughout the entire process. Starring Marta herself and Pepo Blasco. We just began the Distribution.

VACA has become part of the Shortcat Program 2019. This is an annual program for the International promotion of Catalan Short Films (by ICEC, Official Catalan Films Institution), a selection of 7 Short Films distributed at International Festivals and Markets around the World.


VACA has been premiered at 60th ZINEBI, a class A Festival - FIAPF accredited, and thanks to the US Première at the 34th  Santa Barbara International Film Festival, it can already present candidacy for the Goya Awards 2020. Last November already received an Award at the Cortogenia International Short Film Festival of Madrid, and currently is one of the 5 finalists for the HBO Ibero-american Short Film Award at the 36th Miami Film Festival (Awards Gala in Miami next 8th of March).

fugit_short film / 2016
FUGIT CARTELL (72dpi)-NOU_edited.jpg

     FUGIT _ After the good reception of "Una Nit", Miguel Angel Faura (producer of films such as Enemy, Escobar, Mine ...) and David Victori (director and screenwriter of Zero by Ridley Scott, Pulsaciones, Son of Cain, La Culpa ...) join this project as executive producers betting on the value of Marta Bayarri as director and screenwriter. Starring Nil Cardoner and Oriol Ruiz, it has the National Premiere in the 28th Aguilar de Campoo Film Festival in December 2016,  and the International Premiere in the 32nd Santa Barabara International Film Festival. Getting more than 65 Selections, twenty of them of first national and international level, it is selected by the Spanish Academy of Cinema as one of the 15 finalists as Candidate for Best Live-Action Short Film for the Goya Awards 2018.


    UNA NIT (One Night) _ National Premiere in Cortogenia Film Festival in October 2014 and International Premiere in the Cinequest Film Festival of California, USA (qualifying festival of the Oscars and whose selection allowed us to present candidacy for the 30th edition of the Goya Awards in 2016). It has been selected in more than 50 national and international festivals and won 6 Awards, among which the Best New Director Award at the FIBABC'16.

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